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You can take part in the entire program of the Innovation Week, or only those parts that interest you. This is why we offer 3 levels of tickets for this year. Get ready for many interesting news, such as the fundamental expansion of the International Conference program, the historically largest exhibition area of ​​the Innovation Fair, but also a brand new area - the networking zone.

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Which ticket is right for you?

Every year we try to make all the events of the Innovation Week accessible to as many people as possible Basic Business VIP
International conference 1 of 5 panels
5 of 5 panels
5 of 5 panels
Networking Zone - YES YES
Catering during the day - - YES
VIP entry and premium seats - - YES
Price before Sep 10th 290 Kč without VAT 990 Kč without VAT 2,900 Kč without VAT
Price during Sep 11th - Sep 20th 250 Kč without VAT 1,990 Kč without VAT 3,900 Kč without VAT
Price during Sep 21th - Oct 10th 250 Kč without VAT 2,990 Kč without VAT 4,900 Kč without VAT

After purchasing a ticket, we recommend that you create a personal account on our website, from which you will be able to reserve places at individual seminars, as seminar capacities are limited.

Everyone can participate in the International conference

Every year, however, we strive to make all the events of the Innovation Week as accessible as possible to the largest possible number of technology enthusiasts and everything new. This year, we have therefore decided to make the International Conference accessible to all visitors to the main event!

Even with a basic ticket, you will be able to draw inspiration from many important and interesting guests, who will give you their professional insight and practical experience from various fields of activity. International conference of your choice and reserved places in the hall. and free capacity in the auditorium. At full capacity of the hall, priority is given to holders of higher levels of tickets.

In addition to the entire innovation fair with access to all exhibitors and innovative projects, you can also choose from the basic offer of seminars.

Why choose Business?

The first reason may be that you want to get a real stream of inspiration. Business entitles you to enter all panels of international conferences.

If you interested in all the discussion panels, don't hesitate to buy a Business ticket, which will also open the door to all upcoming seminars, including the Premium ones!


Innovation Week of the CR is also a space for meeting and making contacts. This year will be no different. In order to support the given activity, for the first time we have prepared a special networking zone for these purposes, to which they will have access only BUSINESS and VIP ticket holders.

Within the zone, there will be a space for placing an offline profile that will present you and your activity.However, you can leave your business cards at home, as there will be space in the networking zone to create your own stylish presentations, in which you add information about you and your field and place them on the prepared surface.

The attached box next to your profile will be used for messages and contacts of potential new partners to establish connections throughout the day. you can go away to a seminar or trade fair at any time and then just pick up the contents of the mailbox and respond to the inserted contacts according to your interest.

Of course, during the day, other activities will be prepared for í contacts in the field of startups, scientific circles, representatives of large technology companies and other participants. You definitely have something to look forward to!

What are Premium Seminars?

Premium seminars are new this year. They are focused on personal development and entrepreneurship, so they have a high added value for business. Due to the increased interest in the given topics, we decided to create a special segment that will have a limited capacity. This is the only way we can ensure sufficient comfort for you. You can find them in the program under the label "Premium Seminars".

Proper VIP entry, as it should be

Enjoy the main event of the Innovation Week to the fullest! With a VIP ticket, you get a whole range of other benefits beyond the Business entrance.

For VIP guests, we have prepared refreshments including lunch throughout the day strong> and you will certainly appreciate the priority VIP entry to individual events so that you can be at the selected seminar as quickly as possible.

You don't even have to worry about capacity being filled. Always for you we will secure priority seats at full seminars or panels of the International Conference.

The VIP ticket also includes entry to the innovation fair, all panels of the international conference, basic and premium inspirational seminars and access to the networking zone .

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